Gregory T. Hicks

President, Gregory T. Hicks & Assoc. P.C.

Registered Architect

Expert Witness

Mr. Hicks has been deposed on three occasions and testified once at trial in his professional career. He has been deposed twice in the last five years. Mr. Hicks was deposed on August 14, 2007 in a case involving his own firm, No. CV-2005-04084- State of New Mexico, County Of Bernalillo, Second Judicial District Court, Petebach, LLC, a New Mexico limited liability company, Plaintiff vs. Britton Constructions, Inc., A New Mexico corporation; and Gregory T. Hicks and Associates, P.C., a New Mexico professional corporation, Defendants. He was deposed as an expert witness on June 22 and June 23, 2009 on a case in the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico, No. 07-CV-01117-JB/WDS, Wheeler Peak, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company, Plaintiff, vs. LCI2, Inc., a New Mexico Corporation, Counter-Claimant. Various other companies are named in the suits. Mr. Hicks testified once in trial in 2011 in a case, Padilla vs. Lovelace.

Case Attorney/Mediator/Client Counter Party (ies)
Holy Cross Hospital Foundation Failure & Code Compliance
Taos, New Mexico
Mel Yost/Don Walcott
Scheuer, Yost & Patterson, PC
Bradbury Stamm Const.
FMSM Architects
Albuquerque International Airport Remote Parking Facility Premises Liability
Albuquerque, NM
Karen Meyers
Aguilar Law Offices, P.C.
City of Albuquerque
BPLW Architects
Borland Indoor Air Quality Case
Los Lunas, New Mexico
Karen Meyers
Aguilar Law Offices, P.C.
Los Lunas Public Schools
Jemez Valley Middle School
Canon, New Mexico
Charlotte Hetherington
Simons, Cuddy, Friedman
Inca Construction Inc./ Beatty Masonry
Jemez Valley High School
Canon, New Mexico
Keith Burn-Cuddy, Kennedy, Hetherington, Albetta, & Ives Honeywell International & Sheet Metal Workers
UNM Hospital Outpatient Surgery & Imaging Service
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Gregory T. Hicks served as mediator of construction dispute UNMH/ Gerald Martin Const./ Lynx Electric/ Smith Group
Cochiti School Water System
Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico
Gregory T. Hicks served as mediator of construction dispute Bernalillo Public Schools CL Weiss Eng./ CME/ TP Pump
Bernalillo Middle School
Bernalillo, New Mexico
Gregory T. Hicks assisted mediation of construction dispute Newt & Butch Const./ Bernalillo Public Schools
I-25 LLC Charles Henry, III - Scheuer, Yost & Patterson, PC NA
Keller Residence Foundation Failure, Santa Fe, New Mexico Dan Monte/Charles Henry, III Scheuer, Yost & Patterson, PC Yardman Construction
Private Citizen vs. Wal-Mart
U.S. Federal Court, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gregory T. Hicks served as Jury Foreman in a trip and fall premises liability case
David Martinez - Eaton, Martinez, and Hart
Wal-Mart, Belen, New Mexico
Briscoe Roof Failure Thomas Keleher, Keleher McLeod Doyle Roof Masters
Wheeler Peak Condominiums Holly Hart & Don Walcott, Scheuer, Yost & Patterson, PC Settled - Several Parties
Tucumcari Microtel Aaron Pinon & Ned Shepherd, Hatch, Allen, Shepherd, PA Client Released from Suit, Private Plaintiff
Agua Fria Elementary School
Santa Fe Public Schools
Kevin Sexton, Montgomery & Andrews Settled, Santa Fe Public Schools
Angel-Molnar Residence
Santa Fe, NM
Edward Angel & Rosemary Molnar, Homeowners Settled, Various Contractors
Ostrowski vs. Whisque, Inc. Ned Shepherd, Hatch, Allen, Shepherd, PA Settled, Private Plaintiff
Sycamore Plaza Ned Shepherd, Hatch, Allen, Shepherd, PA Ongoing, Private Plaintiff
Padilla vs. Lovelace, Inc. Rodey Law Firm Settled, Private Plaintiff


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